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When Being Liked isn’t Everything: Which Metrics to Measure

When I meet with customers for the very first time, the first thing that I like to do is to manage expectations. I like to know exactly what my customers […]

4 Real Life Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes

Earlier this week we sent out an great resource to everyone on our mailing list about 4 Real Life Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes. This resource talked about methods that […]

Top 10 Digital Media Tips for Beginners

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working on a few projects that we’re really, really proud to be part of. There will be more information about that soon, promise, […]

Facebook API Update: Graph API 2.x

April 30th is Make or Break for anyone using Facebook’s API to monitor profiles, Pages, Groups, and Newsfeeds.  After today there’s a range of changes being made to Facebook, as […]

How to Create a HTML Signature in GMail

Writing HTML emails in GMail can be hard. Want to Create a HTML Signature in GMail? That’s near impossible. Admittedly, it has come in leaps and bounds of late, now allowing […]

Top 5 Tips to Get More Facebook Likes

There’s a lot of tools used to build a great audience and get more Facebook Likes- including generating great content and engaging posts. Here’s a list of 5 of the […]

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Personal Brand

Personal Branding is the idea that you, as a person, are a brand, and as such can have brand influence, recognition, and reputation. Your digital footprint is all the information that is available online about you, left as a trace from all the sites you have visited, and signed up to. What information have you left behind online, and what picture does it paint? Growing your Personal Brand paves the way for you to increase your power and influence in your social and professional circles, attract the right kind of opportunities, increase your earning potential, and enhance your reputation. (more…)

Web Services

Domain. DNS. Name Servers. Zone File. Web Hosting. FTP. Heard these words before but still have no clue? Not to worry. We deal with websites everyday. We've got it covered.

Our design team will create a modern web design according modern trends using HTML5 editors. They will use their end-user experience in creating a website that is not only visually appealing to your customers, but easy for you to update and manager independently if you choose to. We'll even teach you how, at your own pace, in your own time.


Social Media Management

Social Media is what we do. It's at our core, and we know that as much as we know that at the core of social media is community. Developing your digital presence is not just about being online, but it's about creating a community of people who, when they need your business, keep your name at the forefront of their mind.

Social media advertising provides the unique ability to target prospective customers on almost every facet of their personal and professional lives. This hyper targeted approach to customer acquisition equips marketers with the tools to generate low cost, highly qualified new business opportunities.


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Social Media & Australian SMEs

% of SMEs in Australia using Social Media
% of Small Businesses that have paid advertising on Facebook
% of Australians who use Facebook only to follow their favourite brands & businesses
% of businesses who believe they "do well" at marketing through social media